Spring festival in Alanya

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Spring Festival which was called Hıdırellez Şenlikleri will be celebrated second time in Alanya at Galip Dere puclic beach behind Alanya Town Hall. Celebration will start at 19:00 at 5th of May. Events organised by Alanya Municipality.

The theme of celebration is “Come with your wish Alanya”. Alanya Municipality Major Adem Murat Yücel said that in Turkish culture Hıdırellez is welcoming time for the spring or at some places for the summer.Last year we have orginised the celebration for first time and got great feed back and this year the event will have some other nice visiual actions. Yücel, ” It is important for us that we have to transfer our culture to new geretaions and by this way we are going to creat awereness. It will be different activities and we are inviting all the people in Alanya” added.

Celebration will continue untill morning.

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