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Alanyaspor FC has got golden 1 point from Fenerbahçe FC in Istanbul.

At the 7. week of Turkish Football SuperLig AlanyaSpor has played against Fenerbahçe FC in Istanbul and became 1-1. Officially it was the first game against Fenerbahçe at Superlig.

Alanyaspor is at Super Lig for the first time and after the 7. week takes the 11. position among 18 teams.

And Alanya FC getting used to Super Lig.

The next game against BursasporFC in Alanya Oba Stadium.

How can I buy ticket for Alanyaspor games in Alanya?

First get a passolig card. You can have it from FC management office in Alanya or visit

Second step is to buy the ticket. You can load the ticket on your card at the studium or better to buy before online on internet by floowing link

Congratulation Alanya FC.

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