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For long time, golf courses in Alanya has been discussed. Finally, by the 15th of February the dececion by the parlamentary regarding golf courses has been announced. The minestry of Culture and Tourism has announced that 2 places in Alanya has been already approved by state and published at the official newpaper of Turkish Grand National Grand Assembly.

As a result, first time in Alanya in Emişbeleni district (above Konaklı) will have 18 holes golf course and touristic hotel for 200 beds capacity. Besides Okurcalar district in Alanya will have a touristic hotel for 500 beds capacity on purpose of Golf course. It means, the lands of state has been opened and approved to invest by private Turkish and foreign investors.

According to earlier news, 6 different golf course areas has been already planned in Alanya district.

Now we are looking forward to see first Alanya Golf Course.



  1. It’s great news about golf course’s in Alanya but have any been stated????????

    • Hi Ronnie, we have lately learned that there will be an auction to deliver the plot for the private investor/investors who wants to invest for the golf course. This for the Emişbeleni dsitrict above Konaklı in Alanya. We are going to inform the people time by time about golf course in Alanya.

  2. Good morning — The above announcement is now more than 1 year old. Any further GOOD news…


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