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Corendon Airlines provides excellent support to Alanya’s tourism industry

Corendon will connect Europe to the most popular holiday destinations, especially Turkey, by bringing tourists from the Netherlands to Alanya for 12 months in 2024.
Corendon Travel, which brings most tourists from the Netherlands and Belgium to Turkey, is expanding its operations in Alanya. As of February 17, 2024, Corendon will offer a 12-month holiday from the Netherlands to Alanya instead of carrying European travelers only during the summer.

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In February 2024, we will begin operations in Amsterdam

Corendon Travel Chairman of the Board Atılay Uslu gave information about the operations that will take place from 2024.

Uslu said, “As Corendon Tourism Group, Alanya has been one of our most significant destinations since our founding as a tour operator. It is a very popular holiday destination in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries. Alanya produces different holiday concepts for all ages. We believe that Alanya’s potential can be used more efficiently. We believe that Alanya is a good alternative for those who want to enjoy the sun in winter with its favorable climate. Our operation will continue uninterrupted after the summer season, which we will start from Amsterdam in February, by adding capacities from various cities and countries throughout the year. In this way, we will offer European holidaymakers a holiday in Alanya for 12 months.”

A capacity of Approximately 150 thousand will be offered

Corendon Tour Operator will organize 2 flights a week from Amsterdam to the holiday paradise of Alanya as of February. Corendon, which will continue to increase its frequency, will offer 4 flights a week in March and 14 flights a week in April from Amsterdam to Alanya. As of April, daily flights are made from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark to Alanya. The frequency will increase to 24 weekly flights with additional flights in mid-April. Besides Amsterdam, Corendon will also bring tourists to Alanya with flights from Maastricht, Eindhoven, Brussels, and Groningen. By 2024, approximately 150 thousand additional seats will be available at Alanya. Corendon will operate all these flights with Corendon Airlines, the airline company under the group umbrella.

Corendon will be welcoming tourists from Denmark to Alanya.

Atılay Uslu announced that they will increase their flights to Alanya through their own tour operators operating in Denmark. He stated that as of 11 May 2024, they will focus on marketing activities in Denmark in order to increase the number of flights they will make from Copenhagen and Billund twice a week and from Aalborg once a week.

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