Deep sea discovery of Alanya with Nemo Primeroo

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Nemo Primeroo is under the water in Alanya now.

Submarine Nemo Primeroo in Alanya is at the service of Alanya Tourists by the summer of 2017. Probably one of the best thing to do in Alanya is discovering the deep sea of Alanya.

Facts about Tour and Submarine Nemo Primeroo

  • Maximum 100 meters deep, 22 passenger capacity, 72 hours under water remain capacity and certified by Turkish Lyod.
  • The Submarine is Finnish made and modificated totally in 2015.
  • 8 Tours per day. Each tour is 1 hour time limited.
  • The tours start at 09:00 o’clock. You should be ready 30 minutes earlier to get the trip rules.
  • Diving starts in Alanya Marina.
  • 20-30 meters diving.
  • Captain and the assistant captain are the crew.
  • Anybody who can fly also dive with Nemo Primeroo
  • Tour costs 100$ per person.
  • Over 4 years old kids can join the trip.

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Alanya Marina

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