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If you think that Alanya is only 3S “Sea-Sand- Sun” than you do not know Alanya at all.

Alanya is having nearly 4 Millions tourists per year. Besides more than 45.000 foreigners bought property in Alanya. More than 17.000 of them are living in Alanya permanently. Most of the tourists are only thinking Alanya is suntown. It is true. But the local foreigners discovered that Alanya has not only sea sun and sand. There are much more.

Alanya is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea and Taurus momntain. The subtropical climate let everking of trees to grow up quickly. The diversity of nature is amazing in and around Alanya as long as rise up to top Taurus mountains. Besides this you may swim and ski in the same day.

There are few companies and guides that let you to discover naturel and hisctorical places in and around Alanya. As we are Visit Alanya family has prepared some of the sample of Nature trips in Alanya so that you can book and join.

The tours called “Hiking& Trekking in Alanya”

Alanya visitors can find the South Turkey’s best Hiking tours in and surrounding Alanya. Alanya is an idyllic small town located at the foot of the Taurus mountains and offers interesting surroundings for hiking lovers.

Hiking and walking in the Alanya area is some of the best in the region! One experiences a unique ambiance of incredible scenery, mountain culture, and natural history. Access to beautiful terrain is easy and the scenery is second to none.

Maximize your time with our Alanya Hiking – Walking and Trekking Tours.

  • Enjoy the exciting Alara Flying Waterfalls, Sapadere Canyon, Dimçay River, Old roman Roads and Taurus Mountains by embarking on a day or multi day hike tours with one of our expert guides!
  • Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the area you’re visiting as it comes to life with unique stories relayed through your guide.
  • See unique features and visit secret spots that you’d be unlikely to notice or find without a guide.
  • Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area’s weather, terrain, and wildlife. In other words, focus 100% on hiking and let us take care of the rest!

To joing the hiking in Alanya contact to >> The tours are different than each other everyweek so that please check what is available earlier.

Here by some images from Hiking and Trekking trips in Alanya.


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