Köprülü Canyon – Full day Rafting and Canyon Tour

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Are you ready for full day fun and excitement?

Mostly 08:30 is pick up time. In the morning the tour companies pick up and delivery is in the evening. Probably you just move to bed after tour that It is full of excitement and fun. It is really worth to have fun in one day at Rafting tour.

A litte bit info about tour:

  • Area calles Koruçay with Roman bridge.
  • The river is 14 km with 3 level according to international stardarts.
  • Water is 12 degrees, 12 meters wide and 1 to 3 meters deep.
  • Canyon area is national park
  • Whole day trip and the tour companies provides traportation, food, rafting, giding and all animations.
  • Deffinatelty do not forget to use helmet.
  • If you extra water shoes, do not forget to take with you.
  • Better to have sun cream with you that the sun is very strong at water.
  • There are professional photographers, at the end of the day you can have nice images and videos from the trip if you wish.


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