Eid Mubarak “İyi Bayramlar”

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Finally we have arrived to Ramadan Bayram which the other name is “sugar fest”. This year the fest have 9 days holiday and Alanya got enormous tourists from all around Turkey and abroad. Hotels are %100 full and even though there is no parking places for the cars in Alanya.

Sugar fest or Ramadan bayram has big importance amoungs muslim society. Last day of the ramadan is arefe day which is the day to visit graveyard and pray the relatives.

The first day of Ramadan starts at early morning in the mosque around 6:30 before the sunshine. After a short pray, everbody celebreate each others bayram. Than the biggest fest is at home. Great breakfast waiting for us after hard Ramamdan. It is actually wierd to eat something that you got used to eat nothing during the Ramadan.

Than, kissing the elders hand, and youngsters eyes. Celebration at home is best part of the fest. Being at home is wonderfull. Probably the best time of the year to be at home and meet family and freinds which you have not seen whole year around.

Kids are the most advantaged persons at Bayram that they receive presents and sugars.

Well, if you visit any of Turkish families house, you must be ready to eat home made desserts and pastry. You can not say no.. You must eat. Thats is the hardest part of Bayram.

Bayram is celebration. Bayram is respect to elders. Bayram is teaching the values to kids. Bayram is home. Bayram is family.Bayram is brothership.

Eid Mubarak, “İyi Bayramlar”

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