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       Since 2003 approximately more than  45,000 properties were sold to foreigners in Alanya. Most of the home buyers want to live constantly in Turkey. Therefore, we are getting often questions about general health insurance apps in Turkey. We have compiled general health insurance issues for you.

First of all, foreigners must have been granted a residence permit in Turkey. Besides they should have been living in Turkey minimum a year. In another saying, after one-year living period, you may apply and get the benefit of Turkish general health insurance.

After a year, the application is not obligatory. It’s just up to people.

       Foreigners must personally go to the nearest social security centre (SGK) in order to apply for general health insurance. In almost every district of Turkey has social security centre.

While you go to apply to SGK, you should bring the following documents: Residence permit document, original or photocopy of the letter showing the social security status in terms of the general health insurance application taken from the relevant foreign country social security institution or work attaché, and the commitment form which you get it at SGK.

After you were excepted in general health insurance in Turkey, the treatment of other diseases than the chronic diseases will be covered in general health insurance.

Applicant’s husband or views, children under the age of 18, unmarried children under the age of 20 if they have a high school or equivalent education, unmarried children under the age of 25, in case of higher education, unmarried children who are found to be disabled regardless of age, mother and father can use the benefit of general health insurance.

General Health Insurance is terminated from the date on which the residence permit of foreigners expires, the date of starting to work as insured in another country, the date they are insured under another scope (SSK, Bag-Kur), the date they are dependent persons.

The foreigner pays a general health insurance premium of 24% of the gross amount of the minimum wage. Its 706 TL per month today in Turkey.

We have compiled the information in Alanya at SGK management by personally.

PhD. Yakup USLU

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