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One of the most important culinary delicacies of Alanya cuisine, Gülüklü soup was registered to Alanya by Turkish Patent Institute.

Gülüklü soup, the indispensable soup of Alanya weddings, became officially the food of Alanya.Gülüklü (Hülüklü) Soup, which was registered by Alanya Municipality, became the second dish registered in the Mediterranean region after Antalya Piyaz.

For the people of Alanya, Gülüklü soup means a lot. It means getting together. It means a wedding. It means a local test which you can’t find at another place.

Alanya Municipality environmental protection and control management, kitchen heritage coordination office for nearly 3 years, as a result of meticulously patented Gülüklü soup, officially became the product of Alanya cuisine. Alanya Municipality department manager Erdoğmuş said that the registration procedures of Gülüklü Çorbası were carried out as tripe and chicken and documented as both Gülüklü and Hülüklü. She added that the companies that included this registered product in their menu are obliged to inform Alanya Municipality.

Alanya Municipality Mayor Adem Murat Yücel said that the preservation of Alanya’s cuisine, keeping it alive and transferring it to the next generations, and recording it together, continues at full speed. The licensed system belonging to Alanya Municipality will continue under the roof of Kitchen Heritage of Alanya.

How to prepare Gülüklü Soup?

Where can I eat Gülüklü Soup in Alanya?

Esma Abla Ev Yemekleri restaurant has the Gülüklü Soup at any time of the day. ( there is no website for this restaurant, It is a place where you can find real Alanya food. To find the restaurant ask to taxi driver or google it.)

Afiyet Olsun.

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