On Sundays delicious brunch is an event worth travelling up to 1 hour for local people. There are countless places to enjoy a nice Sunday brunch with your family and friends.

Rich sunday brunch is special for Alanya region. It can take place on the beach, on the Alanya Castle in one of cosy historical style restaurants or up in the mountains. Any of that has its own charm but brunch in the mountains is a unique experience.

Imagine a table full of small plates with all you can thing about… butter, various types of cheese, scrambled eggs, black and green olives, jams, walnuts, honey, vegetable, greens, fresh bread, french fries, even so called sarma or dolma. Take a fresh orange juice and at the end several glasses of Turkish tea after breakfast. Moreover, a nice view over the Alanya town, fresh air and green nature to rise your appetite. Some of the places are even as far as 1 hour drive from the coast and still they are full on Sundays. There must be a reason for that…

Depending on the place you visit, such a brunch can have different forms. A form of an open buffet where you take whatever you want and how much you wish to (even repeatedly) or you can be served by a waiter the place’s typical brunch menu. It is often possible to order extra things from the waiter as well. The price is mostly between 15 – 30 TL per person.

Practical info:

  • Everyone in Alanya has several favourite brunch places, just ask to find out the closest one to you.
  • The most busy time is usually around 11 am. In the most visited places a reservation may be helpful to be sure there will be a table for you at that time.
  • Ensure enough free space in your stomach :)

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