Herbarium museum in its new location

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Herbarium museum in its new location

The herbarium of Alanya Castle, where endemic plant species and butterflies are exhibited, welcomes hundreds of visitors every day.

Within the scope of “Examination of the flora and fauna species of Alanya Castle”, 322 plants and 38 butterfly species, 20 of which are endemic, are preserved and exhibited in the herbarium according to scientific methods.

The herbarium, which previously served in the Alanya Municipality Culture House next to Kızılıkule, is in its new place at the Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House Alanya Castle Traditional Handicrafts Center last year, as part of the activities of the 800th anniversary of the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat’s conquest of Alanya.

Hundreds of tourists visit the herbarium and Handicrafts Center on the Alanya Castle excursion route every day.

Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House, Traditional handcrafts centre and Herbarium

Alanya Municipality, which has restored the historical houses of Alanya in accordance with their originality and brought them back to our culture, uses these structures as museums, mansions, cultural offices and exhibition venues of traditional handicrafts.

Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House Alanya Castle Traditional Handicrafts Center and Herbarium, located in Hisariçi District, provide free service to our citizens as an exhibition space. Endemic plants, butterfly species, weavings made from silk cocoons, lace, ornaments and 3 specially designed clothes made from Alanya silk are exhibited in the traditional Alanya house, which was allocated to our Municipality with the name “Sandık Emini Kayhanlar Evi” to be used as Alanya Castle Traditional Handicrafts Center.

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