Long time ago in Alanya

History in Alanya Slider

Famous traveller Ibn-i Batuta arrived to Alanya in 1330 and he says:

We have arrived to Alanya. This is the best plave in the world. God has given all the beauties at the same to Alanya which was given to other places one by one. The public is beautiful and clean. There is an expression for this people that if the prosperity is in Damascus humanity is the Anatolia. When you visit a house, women and man is searching about you whether you are hungry, thursty or not. When you are leaving them, they cry like you are relative to them. Alanya is a big town and the public is Turks……

Well know Turkish Sailor man Piri Reis (Captain Piri) has drown the map of Alanya at 16th century.. And he said that: Alanya is the place to drop the anchor in summer time.

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