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Alanya City is my home. We live here.

Alanya is not the only touristic place where the only tourists come in the summertime but also nearly 300.000 inhabitants live in Alanya. Alanya has amazing natural beauties. Alanya is a clean town.

On the other hand when 1 Million people are having holidays at the same time than the environmental problems start. Thanks to Alanya municipality cleaning staff that they do their best to keep clean the town. They are collecting trash non-stop on the street, at the hills, near the roads,  all around the town. They do this job for 24 hours.

We may say that we have really clean and green town.

Alanya is the city that does not sleep 24 hours. In the morning when we wake up we do not want to see a dirty environment. As we are the local inhabitants we expect from our guest to keep clean the beautiful city.

Better holiday in a clean city Alanya that is how we like to host our guests.

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