Nature in Alanya in the spring time

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If you like to see the real Alanya you are more than welcome in the spring time.

Most of the holiday makers think that now I am on the way to Alanya and I will be a well done grill. Yes, It is true that Alanya has more than 300 days sunshine and very long sandy beaches. Even though the Cleopatra Beach has been ranked as the 6th the best beach in Europe in 2017.

Today we talk about the diversity of the naturel beauties of Alanya. There are several places to find out to  see. I belive that the best time to start discovering Alanya is in the spring time. Cause of pure green nature, water falls and gorgeus sharp mountains at Taurus along the cost line.

Eğri Göl is one of the high plateu or the other saying Yayla by locals is one of the most popular place at the top of Taurus mountains. In the very beginning local Alanya people used to move to Yayla to feed the animals with green grasses and naturel oreganos. Animal eat the oregano and early natural grasses than you can taste the nicest meet ever by lambs.This is the secret why the nomads like the goat meet. If you are eating yoghurt (Yoğurt), keş, çökelek, diary butter today you are owing to this people. Surely no need to forget about Ayran. All this products are originated by Nomadsin the area. Nomad is Yörük in Turkish.

The spring is the time for the nomads to move up the top of Taurus Mountains. It is totally freedom.

Althoug today we do not see that big nomad moves up to Yayla, a lot of local Alanya people move up to Yayla to relax and spend time at summer cottages. It is a conflict that 4 million tourists come to Alanya in the summer time and the local people just move to Yayla.

Yayla means traditions, freedom and escape. Life is simple up there. Neighbourhood is reality.

As I mentioned today we will spot lightning the Eğri Göl Yaylası. There are different ways to go up to Eğri Göl. If you go by Mahmutlar way It is 130 km. and appr. 4 hours distance to drive. If you take the Manavgat Çavuşköy way or Alanya Güzelbağ way It takes 2 hours 45 minutes or up to 3 hours.

The way to up Eğri Göl ( The long way)

If you like to take a trip to Eğri Göl, do not forget to have warm clots. You never know when there is rain. The sun is very effective cause you are more or less at 2000 meters high. I belive no propblem to get spring waters to drink. There is no regular bus to Eğri göl. If you rent a car or motor bike, there are few tiles shop that you can fix the wheels. People are friendly that incase there is  a problem, you can asks help. The road to Eğri Göl is closed in winter time anyway, It was not adviced, you may start travel in April. It is possible to see snow untill june.

On the way, if you find a KARLAMA shop you can stop and test it. You may enjoy to eat snow with grape syrup. It souds wieard but a uniqe experience.

Karlama in Çayarası Yayla after Karapınar village.

Yakup Uslu

Editor of Visit Alanya

Here by some images of Eğri Göl Yaylası and surrounding by photo artist and Hiking&Trekking Tour Guide Halil Tokgöz

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