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Dear followers,

Visit Alanya as the volunteers Alanya promotion platform is doing the best to promote Alanya in Turkey and in abroad so far.

At the moment our website is online in English ( Yakup Uslu), Turkish (Çiğdem Kuzucu), German ( Ramona Wessolowski), Finnish ( Mikko Naukkarinen), Swedish ( Marie Nyman), Norwegian (Kjetil Fretland Svendsen). They are all volunteers. Beacuse we love Alanya.

We will start to support local companies in Alanya who is doing their job well. Good thing has to live.  We will make recommandation about nice places and make some reservation forms at excursions in Alanya. So that my directly book via Visit Alanya. We will help to develop local bussiness.

We are very active at facebook (32.000 follower), Instagram (appr. 7500 f.) and twitter as well. Thanks to Ms. Çiğdem Kuzucu that she is doing online editorial at Instagram.

On the other hand, we also helping to Alanya tourism and promotion foundation to make arrangements with TV channels, bloggers, travel agencies, social media fenomens. Lately we have arranged one of the biggest production of Norway to be filmed in Alanya. The programme called  my first holiday and It will be show at TV2 in Norway.

Everbody know that Alanya has sun sea and sand. But we have more.  Alanya has total beauty. The climate changes everything in Alanya and let everykind of tropical fruits and vegetables are testy with sunshine. Besides economic and fresh. You eat organic and live healthy in Alanya.  Visit Alanya aims to promote more about naturel beauties of Alanya, healthy life style and healthy nutrition opportunities.

The Belgian channel will make another program in Alanya at the end of the summer. It will be shown at Belgian TV1.

Thanks for supporting us.

If you want to follow us at Instagram (visit_alanya) you may see everyday brillant images. That makes you happy.

Sunny greetings from Alanya

Yakup Uslu

Visit Alanya


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