Need to listen what foreigners say who live in Alanya

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Evelina Andersson who lives in Alanya has written message to Alanya Expats Social Group. As we are the Visit Alanya team want to share with you. We did not touch to any dot or comma.

“Thank you Turkey for welcome us in your country. Thank you Turkish people for always being nice, warm, smiling. Thank you for making me smile, enjoy my life, feeling welcomed.Thanks for making me feel safe here.Thanks you for everyone! From the guys cleaning teh street so good, and always says goodmorning with a smile when I walk my eraly wail with dogs, the satff at BIM, that always are nice to us,to the people in the restaurants who works so many hours, and still smiling and making a terrific job on making us happy. To the locals in the street that is always helpful if we need directions or whatever.To the bakery that make bread 24/7 for everyone.For all the locals offering us cay. To be an expat here is apleasure. And I think you should know that. I have never felt so warm in may heart as I do here, and that is all thanks to you! I love Turkey and love the people here. Again THANK YOU!”

Eveline Andersson

Evelina Andersson

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