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Antalya and Alanya airports has broken the records ever with the visitor figures.

#Antalya airport arrival clients increased to avarage 72.000 persons per day. It was announced by Antalya governorship that  from first of Januray to 20th of July Antalya and Alanya airport have got 6.119.361 tourists. Increase is %34 to last year the same time period. The figures has risen up 1.572.000 persons more than last year. It means that It is the records ever in tourism history.

Antalya airport has got 6.036.889 and #Alanya airport has got 162.472 arrivals by the time of 20h of July. Both airport has got daily 72.000 arrivals. 14th of July was most tourists arrival that 81.205 persons arrvied to Antalya Airports.



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