After a succesful christmas market

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Alanya christmas market became one more time the symbol of tolerance of the cultures and friendship.

The 8. Christmas market which was organised by Alanya foreigners committie has been hold in Alanya at of December and completed succesfully. 100’s of people in Alanya met  at christmas market.

The Market is so special that cultures which lives in Alanya from 76 different countries has met in the same place. Mayor  Mr. Adem Murat Yücel, Finnish ambassador Paiva Kairamo,  Polish representative Patryk Woszczek, Lithuania sister city Silute mayor Wytautas Laurinaitis, Germany Antalya Consul Martin Vetter, honory consuls, NGO reprsentatives, Turkish and foreigners foundations representatives and people in alanya have been joinded the openening ceremony and the market.

Chairman of Alanya foreigners committie Mr. Karaoglu said that Alanya is an international town and there is a life with multi language, relegion and culture at his speech.

Alanya Municipality Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel said that we are working for the people happiness in Alanya that there are 17.000 foreigners live in Alanya permanently and from 79 different nationalities 40.000 people has bough property in Alanya.

Yücel, the culture of tolerace is inherited to us from our ancestors. Eventhoug the chaos in the world we are trying to keep the peace and the tolerance of cultures in Alanya. Alanya is a good samle for the rest of the world, added to his speech.
After Mayor Yücel, the Finnish ambassador Paivi Kairamo has done her speech that the Christmas market is an international atmospher and I am so happy to see it and to be here as well. There are many finnish peope live in Alanya, we have also done the celebration of 100’s years of independence of Finland here in Alanya. Mr Yücel has arranged the telefiric lightning as white and blue. This is the colors of our flag and friendship. I am unlimited grateful to Mayor Yücel.
After the opening speeches Mayor Mr. Yücel has visited the stands.
All the income of the stands has been given to handicapped people benefit.
Christmas Market and the participants show that Alanya is an international city.
Images from 2018 Alanya Christmas Market

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