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It is the time for Alanya’s Super League football team Alanya Spor FC.

Turkish football league ( Süper Lig) will start at 10th of August on Sunday with Ankaragücü – Galatasaray game in 2018. Alanya’s football team Alanya Spor will play the first at in Sivas against Sivas Spor at 11st of August at 19:30.

Mean time the Alanya Spor club management has already started to sell season tickets at the Club House. After the succesful season public in Alanya has given great interest to buy season tickets. Alanyspor FC has shows that the team is not guest at Super League.

Here by the season ticket prices.

As we live in Alanya, we are strongly support Alanyaspor FC team. Alanya Spor is one of the greatest brand name of Alanya. It shines Alanya’s name in Turkey and in abroad. Alanya Spor could be in the near future Barcelona of Turkey. At the 2. year of super league Alanyspor is not a guest at Turkish Super League.

Alanya Football Club Chairman Mr. Hasan Çavuşoğlu, Turkish Foreign Affair Minester Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Alanya District Governor Mr. Mustafa Harputlu


Now the new season starts. We need to have strong team to stay at Super League. So that we need to support our team as we have the season tickets and  to buy team prodects. You may renew and but season tickets at the Club House.

Alanya Spor FC Club House

First get a passolig card. You can have it from Alanya Spor FC Club House in Alanya or visit https://www.passolig.com.tr/uye-ol

If you do not buy seasonal ticket the second step is to buy the ticket for each game. You can load the ticket on your card at the studium or better to buy before online on internet by floowing link https://www.passo.com.tr/en/common/test/find-match-tickets.aspx

As we are Visit Alanya Family, we highly support Alanyaspor and We wish our team to have a great season.

Yakup Uslu

Visit Alanya

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