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29. Alanya International Triathlon races will be held at 5-6th of October in Alanya.

Alanya is organising the triathlon competitions for 29 years and It is one of the most experienced Turkish towns. This is a tradition in Alanya. October is the triathlon month. Here we go again, 29th Alanya ınternational triathlon races will be held at 5-6th of October in Alanya behind Alanya town hall.

Alanya, the home of Triathlon in Turkey, will be hosting the 29th International Triathlon Races.

Nearly from 50 countries, about 1000  best athletes in all over the world will be competing for ITU Paratiathlon World Cup, ETU Sprint Triathlon Cup, ETU Junior Triathlon Cup, and AG National Championships and Aquathlon National Championships also Open AG Race.

There will be more information on the website soon.

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