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Stockholm Property Exhibiton (Köpa hus utomlands) has been held at 17-18th of February in 2018.

The exhibition in Stockholm had the biggest number of visitors so far in 15 years time. Mostly the second home buyers or the one who wants to move abroad are coming to fair. The fair has been held at Stockholm Massan in Alvsjö in Stockholm. There were at the same time 3 other fairs (Panorama world, antique, wedding) beside property exhibition.

There is no stand for Turkey in any travel fair in Sweden in 2018. Therefore  Visit Alanya, Alanya Emlakçıları (TTPP-The Turkish Property Professionals) and ALTAV ( Alanya tourism and promotion foundation) have opened “an Alanya promotion stand” at property expo to compensate the gap.

The stand was at the entrance of property fair. Participants have came to stand and received the promtions staff such as maps, calandars, shopping bags, Alanya information books etc.

The board member of ALTAV and CEO of IDEAL Real Estate Yakup Uslu has given the speech regarding the property fair and Stockholm trip:

“We have the fair generally at the weekends, we mosly travel to STH on firdays a day before the fair. This time we have gone to Stockholm from Thursday for a special reason. We have got appoinment from the new Turkish Ambassador of Stockholm on Friday. Mr. Emre Yunt the new ambassador of Stockholm has accepted us at 15:00 on Friday. We are the guys from Alanya as the delagation of Alanya, Durmuş Özgen – Trust United, Samet Uğurlu – TSI Construction, Mevlüt Görücü – Elite Construction have given our presents to Mr. Emre Yunt and Türker Oba who are under- secretary of Ambassador.”

We have done them already Alanyaspor FC fan.

Mr. Yunt has listened us very carefully and said happy to see us at the Ambassy of Stockholm. We have got the opportunity of talking about tourism, Alanya, real estate and swedish people in Alanya. In my opnion It was very useful meeting.

The floowing day, Mr. Emre Yunt has visited us at the fair hall. He came to Alanya stand and get some information of our activities. After that he has visited to all Alanya companies in the fair hall.

He was kind, sincery and very helpfull to us.

We are proud to have such an ambassador who is not leaving us alone in abroad.

“The reason why we are promoting Alanya in abroad is that If we want to sell Property in Alanya, we have to sell first Alanya. We have to rise up the Alanyas brand name. After that people starts to come and buy property. Second home buyers are higher profile people as the economic level. We belive that second home buyers are very useful for the local life and local bussines.”

Yakup Uslu

Visit Alanya

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Here by some of the pictures from the Stockholm Property Fair.


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