Wave surfing Championship Alanya

Slider Sports in Alanya

Wave surfing Turkish championship has been held in Alanya in February 2020.

50 sporters have raced for Turkish wave surfing championship during two days in Alanya at #CleopatraBeach.

The races are done at longboard and shortboard categories.

Shortboard Male Nr: 1.Tunç Üçyıldız, 2. Yasin Pehlivan, 3. Karahan Atilla Şenol.

Shortboard, Female Nr:1. Aleyna Hadimoğlu, 2.Özlem Ada., 3.Selen Kılıç.

Longboard Male, Nr: 1. Yasin Pehlivan, 2. Yamaç Yenigün, 3. İrfan Çelikay.

Under 18 races: Nr: 1.Yamaç Yenigün, 2. Eren Özdemir, 3.Veysel Demir.

Under 18 Shortboard Races, Nr: 1.Yamaç Genigün, 2. Eren Erdemir, 3.İrfan Çelikay.

Alanya is the capital city of every kind of sports organizations in Turkey that Approximately 80 different organization are done per year and 16 of them are international.

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