2019 report: 5M 250K Tourists to Alanya

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Popular tourist town Alanya broke a new record in Its tourism history. During 2019, 5 million 250 thousand tourists visited Alanya.

As the greater city #Antalya, closed the year 2019 with records in tourism figures. #Alanya has made a great contribution to Antalya tourism figures in general. While the city hosted 4 million 500 thousand tourists in 2018, this figure increased to 750 million in 2019 and reached 5 million 250 thousand. According to the nationalities of the tourists, the Russians again took the lead. The Germans took second place.

Alanya is one of the places where tourism started in Turkey. Alanya’s success in tourism is not a coincidence. Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation ( #ALTAV ) successfully promotes Alanya in the country and abroad.

Long summer season, natural beauties and cultural values make Alanya indispensable. Especially more than 80 national and international events in Alanya, make Alanya a more attractive tourism destination. Alanya Municipality and non-governmental organizations make a great contribution to Alanya becoming a more livable city.

The new target for Alanya is to host 6 million tourists in 2020.

Cover Photo by Ali Önder.

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