Alanya Keykubat Beach

Alanya Keykubat Beach is the longest beach in Alanya. Starts from Alanya harbour and last until Oba Beach.

Alanya Beaches and Sea

Called also the eastern beach, Keykubat beach is situated in the Alanya centre on the east side of the peninsula. It is a nice sandy beach lined by walking paths with open air fitness centers, children parks and sport facilities.

Alanya Keykubat Beach (east beach)1

Alanya Keykubat Beach (east beach)2

Alanya Keykubat Beach (east beach)5

Alanya Keykubat Beach (east beach)4

Alanya Keykubat Beach (east beach)3

Alanya keykubat beach

Alanya Keykubat Beach

The entrance to the sea is mostly sandy and the sea is getting human body depth after making several steps. The beach offers sunbeds, umbrellas, snack buffets and water sport possibilities as well. To some parts of the beach turtles Caretta Caretta come periodically to lay their eggs. The beach starts from the old Alanya harbor and fluently continues until the Oba beach.

Keykubat Beach is most of the time calm and shallower than Cleopatra Beach. There are always lifeguards at the beach buffets. All the parts of Keykubat Beach has blue flag.

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