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Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University signed the first EU project in order to entegrate the foreigners to Turkish Culture in Alanya.

The project called Digital Storytelling-Empowerment Through Cultural Intagraiton.It was aimed that foreigners who lives in Alanya will be focused and help them to entegrate the Turkish Culture. Project will be in corparation with Finland, Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Slovenia. Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University will present Alanya and Turkey. Finland is leading the project and the first meeting will be held in Finland at 24-28th of October.

Alanya Aladdin Keykubat University Chancellor Prof. Dr Ahmet Pınarbaşı said that this is the first EU KA2 partnership project of our University at international area about Digital Storytelling-Empowerment Through Cultural Intagraiton. Besides this in this corparation, we are going to strengthen the relations about “Erasmus Projects” between participant countries. I thank to my crew who prepare the project and you will hear our university more in International Area added Mr. Pınarbaşı.

As the last Chancellor Pınarbaşı said that we would like to publicity our culture to foreigner who lives in Alanya.

Project co-ordinator Assistan Doc. Dr. Demir said that we are happy to be in this joint venture with our university, the project aims to provide to the disadvantaged people in every country to adopt them to the culturel entegration in digital atmospher. Cause of this reason, every culturel stories will take the place at digital atmosphere.

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