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Yayla (High Plateau)

A lot of people just think about Alanya with 3 S. Sea, Sun and Sand. Actually there are many more to discover. You need to absolutly discover. This week, we will take you from sea to Taurus Mountain. Most of the local Alanya people are the Nomad. We call it in local language “yörük”. Yörüks were basicly moving people from one place to another place. They used to have mostly animal and dairy producst for their life. Today the most of the words originated from Yörüks such as “Yogurt, Kefir, Çökelek, Keş, Ayran”. Those people used to stay in winter time near the sea and spring time used to move to top of the Taurus Mountain indor to feed the animals at high plateaus of Taurus. Yörüks say “Yayla”.

Nowadays, a few Yörüks remained who moves to yayla with animals. Today Yörüks has better life conditions, nicer roads to Yayla and most of the Yörük use the location at Yayla as the summer house. In summer time in Alanya It is hard to find local Alanya people in Alanya center the the most of them already moved to Yayla to have rest.

Yayla means for them:

  • Cool weather
  • Good neigbourhood and friendship
  • Calm and safe life
  • No mosquitos
  • and freedom surely to be at the top of the mountain.
  • Freedom means alot for the Yörüks. Being at the top of the mountain is a kind of freedom.

Amongs the all of Yayla’s “Dikmetas” is the most special.

Dikmetas yaylası, is appr. an hour distance from Alanya Center. You should follow the road above Mahmutlar, via Cebeli Reis Mountain. It is only rooad to mountain from Alanya anyway. You can also get the same way from Sapadere Canyon way. After the Cebeli Reis amazing nature awaits for you. If you have high phobia, please take the right side of the car. The gap from road to deep could be appr. 1000 meters or more. Right after you will find the new tunnels. Its totally crazy way to built up there. New tunnels make the road faster. Other wise you should have chance the see the most dangerous places called “Kuş Yuvası”(bird cage). You may still see Kuş Yuvası if you do not follow the tunnels. It maybe dangerous cause there is nomore maintanence at road.

After Tunnels, you will reach the Karapınar Village. Those guys lives there winters and summers. Propbably It’s coldest place of Alanya. Its wierd but It snows there. After Karapınar Village, in order to reach Dikmetaş, you should follow the road and at first right you have to go up appr. 6 Km. The road is pretty good.Than you’ll find the one of most beautiful natural place in Alanya.

Dikmetaş Yaylası:

  • 1350 meters from the sea level
  • Appr. 50 single houses who knows all eachother
  • Paradise of all kind of vegetables and fruits
  • Spring water
  • Pure oxigen from eveykind of trees
  • Green in spring time, green all the times with trees and everycolor in autum. Amazing.
  • Cool weather and permanent breeze.(Naturel airditionars)
  • Sharp stone mountains probably undiscovered climbing sport area at mountains.
  • And the symbol of the place “Dikmetaş” means erected stone above the other stones. Its probably hard marbe stone. Over the Dikmetaş, the view is amazing. Just go up and sit there few munites. Be carefull also about stones. Walk carefully. Everything is like 3D.

We as Visit Alanya highly recommend you to Visit Dikmetaş.

Have nice time in Alanya

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“Final Destination”

Ps: Photos has been talen by Yakup Uslu and Fatih Uslu


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