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The new excitement and sport organisation Alanya Ultra Marathon will be held at 24-25th of March in 2018 as the second time.

Alanya ultra trail has been introduced to Alanya for the first time in March 2017 by champion athlete Ahmet Aslan.  Sporters have done great city tour and sightseeing within the organisation. It was kind of disovery of the Alanya’s natural beauties and historical richness.

Beautiful landscape of Alanya attracts athletes and the ordinary people to joing the Alanya Ultra Marathon. Especially The Taurus mountains rising up just near the beach that the route of Alanya Marathon is pretty attractive for the sporters. Nomad paths up to mountain create a great route for the competion. Nature, culture and history make another meaning to Alanya Ultra Marathon.

Last year the athletes like the race route and they say the route was difficult but It was full of surprises.

This year the second marathon will have slogan as “do not make it shorter and better should  be ultra”.  The competion will be held in March at 24-25th in 2018. There will be 4 different competions as 66 Km, 45 Km, 21 Km and 5 Km in order to attract everykind of people.

Ahmet Arslan the organiser of Alanya Ultra Marathon says that we would like to develope the competion beter and better everyyear. We are expecting many athletes  and we will introduce them to routes which are nature friendly. Briefly we are aming that every sporter enjoy the marathon and return their home happily.

At the moment the registration has been started. So far 230 sporters from 14 different countries has already registered to Alanya Ultra Marathon.

For more information about Alanya Ultra Marathon you may visit

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