Best holiday destination for cats and dogs


Probably the happiest street animals in Turkey live in Alanya. Alanya became the best holiday destination for street dogs and cats. They say; when you close to street animals, if they don’t run away from you, you should deffinately know that there are good people in that place. Any people can see that cats and dogs are the happiest animals as they have never been at another place than Alanya.

Alanya Municipality Major Mr. Adem Murat Yücel says that we are animal friendly town. We have new and wonderful animal shelter within 500 animal capacity, mobile sterilization car, a lot of cats and dogs feeding areas, cat houses at several places in the town. So that we do give perfect services our lovely friends in Alanya. What we know is that the people who likes animals likes the human as well.

How does Alanya Municiaplity serves the street animals?

Here we go:

  •  Alanya has the biggest animal shelter in Turkey for aminals who has no owner. It is at 24.000sqm land. It is also the biggest and comprehensive ownerless animal shelter and rehabilitation center.
  • 5 different houses
  • Cat Units
  • Two dog shelters
  • Clinic unit
  • Animal care unit
  • Carantina unit
  • Mother and baby unit
  • Observation room and operation room
  • and some storages

Alanya municipality serves to wild animals as well. Besides there is a pet animal grave at the complex in Demirtaş. Alanya municipality find owners to homeless dogs as well. Since 2015 hundered of dogs fond their warm homes by Alanya municipality.

Now we have in Alanya 3 cat parks, 15 cat houses, 40 cat feeding units, 10 dog feeding units, 27 different dog feed points and dog toilettes. Alanya municipality regularly put food and water in to animal feed points at different places of Alanya.

Demirtaş dog shelter complex in Alanya

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  1. Tell me! The child was scratched by a cat in a cat park in Alanya. Are animals vaccinated against rabies? Thank

    • Learn your child tot be nice to Animals (Cats)

  2. Are the cats vaccinated against rabies? My son was bitten by a cat at cat park. Cat was neutered (ear was a cut a bit).


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