Before you travel to Alanya holiday


Before you travel to Alanya

To go on holiday is always very exciting especially when you go to Alanya. Here are some tips for you to read before your travel.

First of all, do not forget to buy a nice pair of flip-flops.

For a season that lasts 8 months you need comfortable shoes.
Dress code in Alanya is relaxed. You do not need to dress jeans, long sleeves or any official dlothes when going out to a restaurant. Simply dress what you like and enjoy the city.
Beaches in Alanya are public. You can lie down to any place on the sand. In countless beach bars along the cost you can also rent a sun chair and an umbrella for all day.
We recommend you to purchase a travel insurance before your travel.
To enter Turkey you do not need immunization.

If you travel individually, not with a travel agency, we recommend you to arrange an airport transfer prior to your arrival. There is a shuttle bus service to Alanya, a taxi to Alanya and a private airport transfer. There are quite many transfer companies that bring you to your hotel or home in Alanya comfortably and for better price than the Airport taxi in Antalya.

Alanya the way to places

Check our Highlighted Events Calendar. Dont miss any local or international event taking place in Alanya during your holiday. Every year you can see a jazz festival, cultural festival, beach volley and beach football championship, presidential biking or concerts of many world known singers and DJs.
Remember that the electricity is 220V in Turkey. The plugs are roud standart continental type.

Visa to Turkey – visitors from countries that require visa to enter Turkey buy the visa at the airport after their arrival or through the online e-visa application site. The fees differ from country to country, mostly between 15€ – 20€, and allow tourists to stay in Turkey for 1 to 3 months within 180 days. Find the restrictions regarding your country at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic.

To go on holiday to Alanya is exciting. Visit Alanya makes your holiday more fun, more tasty and unforgatable.

Have nice trip to Alanya

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