Cuma Pazarı – Friday Market in Alanya

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Shopping in the Bazaar of Alanya

Colourful carneval of clothes, jewellery, lamps and ceramics, spices and fruit. Alanya Bazaar belongs to one of biggest bazars in the southern coast of Turkey.

Alanya Bazaar ranges from the Alanya harbour under the historical castle to the bus / dolmus station in the centre. It is devided into south and north part by the Ataturk boulevard with lot of shops and cafes.
Shopping in the Bazaar is a must cultural experience when visiting Alanya. You can buy any kind of souvenirs for your family and friends back home, especially cloths, watch and jewellery, blue eye for good luck in form of bracelet, magnet or cup, local hand made or hand painted pumpkin lamps and decorations, leather jackets, hand bags of hundreds of designs, shoes, water pipes, house decorations from candles to traditional turkish carpets. You barely can return home without traditional Turkish coffee or delicious black tea.

Price negotiating is traditionally a part of shopping in touristic shops in bazaar but be aware of the limits. Quality has its price even in Turkey. If you avoid being rude and aggressive you can still make good deals in Alanya Bazaar. If you do not like negotiating we recommend you to go to brand shops in the Ataturk street or Alanyum Shopping Centre where you find European type of pricing on the label.

Except the everyday bazaar in the Alanya centre, there are 1-day fresh vegetable and fruit markets in and around Alanya as well. 100% fresh and healthy seasonal vegetable and fruit grown by local gardeners. Taste freshly picked orange or banana, drink fresh orange and pomegranate juice. Besides, a choice of spice and herbal tea, local handcraft product, all for very reasonable prices. Fridays the fruit and vegetable market takes place in the Alanya Bazaar, Saturdays in Mahmutlar and Cikcilli, Sundays in Alanya Hacet Mahallesi and Turkler, Mondays in Oba, Tuesdays in Mahmutlar, Wednesdays in Avsallar and Konakli, Thursdays in Tosmur.

Practical information:
When you want to come to Alanya Bazaar just take the bus no.1 along the coast and say to driver “Bazar”. Most of the drivers inform travellers when arriving to the bazaar bus stop in the Ataturk Street, take off and then enter any of the small streets.
Local Tosmur, Oba, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Avsallar, Turkler and other short-distance busses always end their ride in the bus / dolmus station in the Alanya bazar. Take a drive till the final station, take off and enjoy shopping streets till the seaside.
Be aware of the fact that on weekly fruit and vegetable market the prices are not negotiable. They are set the same for a tourist as for a Turkish person.

Friday Market

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