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Finnair starts flying to Helsinki-Alanya on 2nd of August 2020.

Aurinkomatkat Finland which operates in Turkey since 1987 and the national airline Finnair begins operation to Alanya-Gazipaşa airport by second of August.

Cengiz Topçu, Founder of Exotic Tourism, made a statement regarding Finnair flights.

Cengiz Topçu

Finnair plans to respond to the demand from Finland and neighbouring countries with scheduled flights from Helsinki to Gazipaşa Alanya airport once a week. If the demand occurs, it may be possible to increase the number of flights. ” said.

In addition, Topçu; “They spend their holidays in many countries in Northern Europe due to the advice of the governments and hesitation. On the other hand, we hope that this decision, which is still limited, to respond to the current demand and contribute to the mobilization, causes positive steps to be taken in other countries.

In the countries that send guests, the course of the cases is followed carefully and especially the Mediterranean dish is under the spotlight. Both the precautions are taken for safe travel and the fact that the progress of the low cases in the region are our most important advantages. Explaining these numbers on a city or even district-scale may contribute to future studies.


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