We would like to say early welcome September.

September in Alanya is one of the most beautiful time during the year. When the weather is getting cooler the sea water is still warm. Amzing.. On the other hand 2 big organisations will be held in September in Alanya.

28. Alanya Triathlon European Cup

Alanya 2018 ETU Triathlon European Cup and 2018 Alanya ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup will be held at 22-23rd of September.

The organisation has been done in Alanya for 28 years. It is one of the most important sport activity in Alanya. Alanya is the place where the first time triathlon sport has started. Alanya municipality will make the organisation. Mayor of Alanya Mr. Yücel said that Triathlon sport is almost a symbol sport for Alanya and we will keep going on doing this tradition in Alanya.

Besides the European Cup Turkey championship will be done during the organisation.

15. Alanya Jazz Days

The second organisation in Alanya is Alanya Jazz Festival

Alanya jazz festival will be held at 27-28-29 and 30th of September in Alanya in 2018. Jazz Festival or Jazz Days in Alanya is also a symbol organization in Alanya. It  will be the 15. times in 2018. Alanya municipality will make announcement regarding the groups and singer who will make the performances at following days.  We will also announce at our website.

Both organisations will be realised by Alanya municipality.

Yakup Uslu

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  1. Hi, are there any women only beaches (not hotels) in Alanya?


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