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Probably one of the best thing to do in Alanya is joing to the football festival.

Enjoy and experience the magnificent atmosphere at Alanyaspor FC  during 2019/2020 season. Buy now tickets, use the advantage of early booking and get the great seats.

>>Aytemiz Alanyaspor FC is at Turkish Super Leauge (Süper Lig)

Alanyspor FC has been set up in 1948. Since the beginning the first time Alanyaspor FC has risen up to Turkish Super Leauge in 2015-2016 season period.

After the Club Presiden Mr. Çavuşoğlu, Alanyaspor has started to climbs the leagues rapidly. This southern flashes (Şimşekler) got also appriciation of whole Turkey cause Alanyaspor is town team instead of City. Alanya is a town within appr. 300.000 population.

If you just go up to Alanyaspor stadium at weekend you may see more orange and green colors. It is a fantastic atmospher to watch hot mediterranean people at the game.

How can I get ticket to Alanyaspor football game?

First get a passolig card. You can have it from FC management office in Alanya or visit

Second step is to buy the ticket. You can load the ticket on your card at the studium or better to buy before online on internet by floowing link

Who is the trainer of Alanyaspor?

Erol Bulut

Where is Alanyaspor FC football Stadium?

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