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7. International food competion will be held in Alanya at 7-8-9th of November in 2018.

It is called “Golden Landle” international food competition and It is one of the most prestigious food competion in Turkey. Competion is internatiol that there will be many international juries and competitors. Alanya local people show great interest to events as well. Alanya food culture is very rich and local chefs will have chance to exhibit the local tasties.

There will be different catagories at competitions that high schools, universities and masters will show their talents.

On the other hand alot of bloggers and gurus have been invited to events.

One of the most important side of the events will be to present the Alanya culinary diversity. This year espcially #avocado will be star of the events. Because Alanya is the main avocado producing place in Turkey that recently Alanya has own avocado specieses.

Ps: Cover image has been taken from Chef Sasa Vojnovic.

#avocado #healtylife #goldenlandle #alanyaculinary #alanyafinaldestination


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