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Cuma Pazarı – Friday Market in Alanya

Shopping in the bazaar is an incredible experience in Alanya. Every kind of delicious subtropical fruit and vegetables are waiting for you. Especially we recommend Local Alanya Bananas to test. You will see the difference. Friday Market is at the center of Alanya. You may find the other market places in the other part of Alanya at different days.

Spring festival in Alanya

Spring Festival which was called Hıdırellez Şenlikleri will be celebrated second time in Alanya at Galip Dere puclic beach behind Alanya Town Hall. Celebration will start at 19:00 at 5th of May. Events organised by Alanya Municipality. The theme of celebration is “Come with your wish Alanya”. Alanya Municipality Major Adem Murat Yücel said that in Turkish culture Hıdırellez is welcomin...

Finnish beauties in Alanya

Miss Finland Alanya camp has ended up with wonderful gala night in Alanya at Banana Hotel. Ten finalist Finnish Girls had great camping period in Alanya. At the end of the camp in Alanya, they were at the stage front of the jury. Shirly Karvinen Press Beauty, Elli Noora Koskela audience beauty and Elina Hoiska became Miss Alanya. It was the a kind of trail of Miss Finland in Finland at 13th of May...

The 16th International Alanya Tourism and Art Festival

Alanya is getting ready to prepare the 16th International Tourism and Art Festival. The event will be held in the Alanya harbour on 28-29-30th May 2016. This year it will be the 16.year of its organization. The main theme during the festival will be local architecture and Alanya cuisine. A local houses exhibition and traditional food competition will be part of the festival. The festival is going ...

Cycling Tour in Alanya on Wednesday

52nd Presidental Cyckling Tour of Turkey has started in Istanbul and the participants will arrive to Alanya on Wednesday at 27th of April. The tour Alanya- Kemer will start in Alanya at harbour at 10:30 on Thursday at 28th of April. After the start the tour will continue to Kemer. Mean time, all the people in Alanya welcomed to start point on thursday by Alanya governor Mr. Tanrıseven. For more in...

Alanya will be presented at Expo Antalya

The final day came and Antalya Expo has opened the doors at 22nd of April 2016. Protocol of Turkish State, Mr. President and Prime Minester of Turkey has joined and opened the Antalya Expo officially. Alanya is taking place with 3 projects. Natural beauties of Alanya is at Alanya Garden, Silkwarm products and silk veawing looms and the third one is banana plant fibres. The products are waiting for...

Crazy nights in Alanya – White nights

Alanya is one of the biggest party destination in Europe. World’s famous DJs suddenly could be on your way during your holiday. Cool Alanya nights can return to hot Alanya white nights. Follow us to know the best party times in Alanya. Visit Alanya

That’s why Alanya

A nice video which summarize Alanya Holiday briefly. Enjoy the time in Alanya during your trip. Thanks for sharing with us. Visit Alanya.


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Turkish Bath – Hamam- in Alanya

Hamam is recommended at the first day of your trip. You need to peel your old skin in Hamam and start fresh to have holiday.

International Alanya culture and art days

International Alanya culture and art days Alanya Municipality and Doc. Dr. Erol Kılıc from Akdeniz University Fine Arts departments are organizing the 1. International Alanya culture and art days. Event will get national and international artists together. Besides the event called the world’s painters Alanya meeting. Events will be organised for first time in Alanya. There will be 30 nationa...

The world autism awereness day was clebrated in Alanya

2nd May The world Autism Awareness Day in Alanya The eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2016. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. Autism Awareness day was celebrated in Alanya at city square near Atatürk monument. Alanya National Education Director Hüseyin Er, students, teachers and studenstR...

New route at Tour of Turkey

52nd Presidental Cyckling Tour of Turkey has new route in 2016. Turkish Cycling Federation announced that new route will start from Istanbul – Konya – Kapadokya – Aksaray – Alanya – Belek – Kemer – Elmalı – Kumluca – Fethiye – Babadağ – Marmaris  and will end  in Selçuk. 52. Presidental Cyckling Tour of Turkey will be held from 24th of April untill first of May. Source:

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